National Funding Cliff Call-In Day

Monday 9/18/2017

Historically, Mississippi has not been particularly active and united in our advocacy for the patients we care for. This position has not served us well, as a result. Amidst all the recent priorities facing Congress, we must not allow the most successful and long-standing healthcare network in the nation suffer loss of funding which would lead to millions of lives affected across the nation because of short-sighted focus. Let’s make Mississippi heard in Washington, D. C. on Monday, September 18th. Thank you!!

–Angel Greer, CEO

National Funding Cliff Call-In Day – Monday 9/18: We need a barrage of phone calls on Monday (and throughout the week). The Advocacy Hotline message has been updated to reflect the current House & Senate asks and we have linked a simple set of directions and script on the HC Advocacy Make the Case page. Please use the toll-free hotline number – 1-866-456-3949 – so that NACHC can track and report by state and congressional district to give MS consistency and credit for our efforts. You can call speak to any member of Congress via the hotline. Please set aside specific blocks of times for calls amongst your health centers, as we will do here at the PCA.

Download Instructions