Isa Caviness, MSW, LMSW

The University of West Florida in Pensacola Florida, Bachelor of Arts Degree Social  Work 1981. The University of Southern Mississippi, Long Beach, Mississippi Gulf Park Campus, Master’s Degree Social Work 2011. I have practiced in the field of social work for 40+ years. 

I enjoy my role at CFHC working as a Behavioral Health Specialist. I provide counseling and social work services using evidence based therapeutic interventions. I work with Children, Adolescence, & Adults ranging in ages six and up. I have completed Level One Training in the Gottman Method Couples Therapy. I have had training in Trauma Informed Care, Substance Use Counseling, & Court Ordered Substance Use Counseling for DUI First Offense. I work with clients experiencing Grief, Anxiety, Depression,  or clients just going through major transitions in their life. I have worked in a variety of settings just to name a few: Nursing Home, Hospice, Mental Health Center, Mississippi Department of Health, Residential Facilities for Emotionally Disturbed Children, Lock Down Psychiatric Hospitals, Hospital Social Work, Children & Family Specialist providing mental health services & case management services in the schools in Harrison County. I love working for CFHC for their Professionalism and there dedication to serving the Community. In my free time I enjoy time with my grandchildren & Children. I love family night consisting of board games, card Games and good food.  My favorite game of the year is Zilch.

My favorite movies are love stories, comedy, & True stories involving spiritual miracles.  I like to bowl, read, & even study. I like walks in the park, & going to the beach. I love family vacations out of state. I’m a big fan of softball. I like going to church and I guest I just love life.

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